Social Studies Links

FNMI Resources links:
Walking Together
The Story of the Blackfoot People
Blackfoot Crossing: Our Culture
Blackfoot Digital Library
Historica Canada
Quiz: How Canadian Are You, eh?

Teaching Kids News

Today in Canadian History
Check out this site for events happening in the history of our great country! (Choose and click from the 'past episodes' in the left column.)

Online Culture Grams
This is an amazing site that allows you check out any place in the world! Go explore!

Letters from the Trunk

To check out video clips about any part of our great country, click on this link: Discovery Education

login: stmmh
password: student
Go to the Atlas Canada Interactive Map and click on any province or territory you may be interested in and then scroll through video clips to check out. Enjoy!

CG Kids Map of Canada Puzzle
This is a terrific challenge--if you can put the puzzle together, you get to move on to an even more challenging task: matching flags! Good luck!

Canadian Geographic Kids Games

History Tellers:
First Aboriginal Nations
Friends of the Earth
Masters of the Land
Exploration, colonization
Vikings, Vinland
European Powers
England, France and Spain
Glory, God and Gain

Canada's National Parks:
Canada at it's Best
Parks Canada 1911-2011
Canada's National Parks
Parks Canada CanCan

Atlantic Region:
Nova Scotia (Cape Breton Island)
New Brunswick
Prince Edward Island

Arctic Region:
Look Up: Canada's North
The Territories
Arctic Artifacts

Check out the following clip explaining what inuksuit (plural form of inuksuk) are:

What is an inuksuk?

Create your own inuksuk online:
Inukshuk Creator

Canadian Shield Region:
The Canadian Shield in pictures
The Canadian Shield: student video project

Great Lakes St. Lawrence Lowlands Region:
Build a Longhouse
How a lock works
Locks Simulator
The Great Upper Canada Adventure

Treasure Hunt (Latitude and Longitude game)
Seigneurial System: A student video

Interior Plains Region:
The Story of the Blackfoot People

Cordillera Region:
Tourism BC: Vancouver 2010: You Gotta Be Here
Student Created Video

Heritage Park website:
Interactive Map