Language Arts

Spotlight Authors:
Andrew Clements
Roald Dahl
Chris Van Allsburg
Eric Walters

The 100 Best Children's Chapter Books of All Time

Figurative Language
Read Write Think
Race to Ramses: creating words in a race to an Egyptian Tomb!

Choosing Adjectives

Essay Map at Read, Write, Think

Autobiography Unit Links:

Autobiography in Five Short Chapters by Portia Nelson
Acrostic Poems
Create-A-Graph to Bake Your Family Pie
Behind the Name: The Etymology and History of First Names
The Timeline of my Life: Interactive Timeline Creator
Soundtrack of my Life: Create a CD Cover

Presentation Options:
Smile Box
Xtranormal  Animated Video

Biographical Focus: Terry Fox
CBC Archives: Terry Fox's Marathon of Hope
Link to Map and Journal Entries
ESPN's biographical video clip
Youtube bio

Go to the following website to study, play games and test yourself on the list words! Be sure to print your report or certificate! Just click on this link and search for our lists using Ms. Bourassa's name or our school!
Spelling City

Interactive Spelling Bee
The Spelling Bee

Ransom Letters

Ultimate Guide to Spelling

Chris Van Allsburg Author Study:CVA's website
Chris Van Allsburg: Author Guide
The Garden of Abdul Gasazi
The Mysteries of Harris Burdick
The Stranger
The Widow's Broom
The Sweetest Fig
The Polar Express
Just a Dream
Two Bad Ants
Ben's Dream
The Wretched Stone

Underground to Canada Novel Study:

Life as a Slave Links:

How Slaves Lived
History of Slavery in the United States
Civil Rights for Kids: History of Slavery in the United States
Slave Life
Harriet Tubman

Learn Alberta:
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Username: LA33
Password: 7434
*Online Reference Centre
*True Flix
Harriet Tubman
Rosa Parks
Martin Luther King Jr.

Quotation Marks:

Commas in Quotes Clip
Captain Cluck: Quotation Marks
Resource: How to Use Quotation Marks
Rags to Riches: Using Quotation Marks
Quotation Mark Quiz


Poetry Engine
Read, Write, Think: Theme Poems
Read, Write, Think: Riddle Poems
Read, Write, Think: Diamante Poems
Read, Write, Think: Acrostic Poems
Limerick Factory
Haiku Generator

The Children's Poetry Archive
Interactive Sites for Education

Dream Poetry

Fun English Games