Saturday, June 9, 2018

Week of June 11-15

Students, please make sure you are getting plenty of rest these days and taking good care of yourselves as we still have some great learning to do! Many curricular outcomes are still to be achieved in the next couple of weeks, so stay alert!

Sneak Peek at the Week:

Language Arts:

Students will be working on their final poems of our poetry unit this week. This will be very ‘important’ poetry!

Last week students were introduced to the book talk projects we are doing to wrap up our amazing learning in Language Arts this year. Students have been gathering their top reads of grade five and, using some selection criteria, are narrowing their choices to one favourite book which they will be presenting as a recommendation to their classmates in the final two weeks of school. Students are encouraged to ‘re-view’ their books this week and to have them at school every day as we work on our presentation ideas. Students will have 5-7 minutes to present next week and may do it using any format they choose: power point, tri-fold, poster, story vine, book box (museum of relevant items), video, etc. The entire process will be exciting! Students will receive a list of all the books their classmates are presenting and will have the opportunity to decide whether or not the books presented will be future reads for them. Each student (and their teacher) should walk away from our year with a ‘Summer Reading List’!


This week we will be wrapping up our clothing unit with a mini-project before turning our attention to studying 'the house' and the rooms found inside next week!


Last week we finished our unit on Fractions and Decimals and on Tuesday we will be taking up our review. We will have our unit test on Wednesday and then launch ourselves into the next and final unit: Measurement! Students can get a jump start on the unit by checking out the area and perimeter lessons from:

We will explore vocabulary from this unit this week and will be ready to explore perimeter and area next week before checking out volume!

Social Studies:

This week we will continue our study of the Interior Plains region with learning about the North West Mounted Police before taking a trip to the foothills of Alberta in transition to our final region: The Cordillera (Rocky Mountains). Next week we will take a fingerwalk through this region before learning all about the building of the railway.

Students are getting very excited about our big field trip to Calgary next week. It would be wise to check out the following website to get a sense of the amazing historical village we will be doing our final scavenger hunt through!

It’s going to be another amazing week!