Saturday, June 23, 2018

The Final Countdown...

Wow! I can’t believe we are in our last week of school. It has been one of the ‘greatest’ years of my teaching career because the kids of 5B are great young people! I can very honestly say that every day was filled with great energy, great enthusiasm, great thinking, great friendships, great laughs and great fun. I’m sending out many thanks to the scholars who made this possible and also to all the parents for the tremendous support all year long. There is no question, this group will be missed!

Last week was filled with... a farewell assembly, some excellent book talks, an outstanding field trip to Calgary (thanks to all our awesome parent volunteers: Mr. Hoekstra, Mrs. Ford, Mrs. Steele, Ms. Dick, Mrs. Hagel, Mrs. Teierle, and Mrs. Hubbard), and an excellent Wetlands/Disc Golf field trip to Nicholas Sheran Park!

A request from Ms. B.:
I’m incredibly proud of the growth this group has experienced in reading this year. They have truly developed a great love of books! On that note, I am asking that every student and parent do a final look through their houses and especially their bookshelves. I love to share my books but often find that many go missing through the year. It is very possible that some may have accidentally landed in your space. Please double check and send back any book that belongs to me, personally, or to our school this week. I sincerely thank-you!

Here's a brief rundown of this week:

Monday: Sports Day! Come dressed for activity, fun, and whatever the weather may have in store for us! Be sure to pack along a water bottle labeled with your name!

Thank you to Ms. Bevans for offering to help out in the morning. If anyone else would like to come help, I’d be happy to put you to work at the most fun station: The Bucket Brigade!

Tuesday: Our last day of regular classes!

Wednesday: Our objective on this day is to go through all of our grade five work and make choices about what we would like to include in our grade five memory book. Ms. Bourassa will give every student a ‘portfolio’ inside which they will paste/secure items that will help them remember our year together (a white pencil crayon or special marker for labeling on black paper and glue sticks are needed!) This is also the day we will be cleaning up, packing up and taking all of our belongings home. It would be wise to bring an extra strong bag (canvas grocery shopping bags work well) for this day (perhaps in addition to your back pack)!

Thursday: Last day of school!

We will start our day with our ‘Farewell to Grade 5’ assembly at 8:30 in the gymparents, please join us! It will be during this assembly when students will be presented their certificates for completing grade five.

After the assembly we will have a small breakfast (see below) and review our time together with a few pictures taken throughout our year.

Thank you to the following people who have volunteered to contribute to our breakfast:
Muffins: Aiden and Ava

Fruit: Brynley and Roxana

Juice and Napkins: Trevor

We will be celebrating our 'last recess--ever!' with some time outside before we head to the gymnasium for our 'Year-End Assembly' beginning at 10:15 a.m. Parents, you are absolutely welcome to join us for this as well! There will also be a few special awards presentations for our school.

After the presentations, we will watch the MMH slideshow and then students will be dismissed from our classroom for the summer at 11:35 a.m.

Of special note:

**In the report card envelope, please keep an eye out for an invitation to our reunion taking place after the first week of school in September. Students are invited to walk over from G.S. Lakie (or come from whichever school they are attending) after classes on Friday September 7th to have a pizza lunch and share summer happenings as well as the events of their first week in Middle School (time: 12:15-1:15). I find this activity to be key in reducing anxiety around saying farewell to elementary school. Instead of saying good bye, we say ‘see ya soon!’

Doing something cool this summer? Going on a ‘once in a lifetime’ adventure or just hanging out? Use our Padlet page to let everyone know! Just follow the link below, double click and leave a message on our class wall to share what you are up to! Be patient, Ms. B. will need to approve the post before it shows up, but feel free to use it to stay in touch this summer!