Saturday, May 5, 2018

Week of May 7-11


In the rear-view mirror

A very special thank you to the fine ladies who came out to help with our quilting project on Friday including Ava’s mom and Trevor’s nana! It was a wonderful learning experience!

This weekIt’s a very exciting week with lots to look forward to!

Last week families received an email including the schedule for our MMH Birthday celebration.  Please note that parents are invited to participate in any of the celebration activities.

Monday May 7 Staff Learning Day; there are no classes for students

Tuesday May 8 Assembly is taking place at 10:30. Past staff members will be in attendance as we honour the family members of Mike Mountain Horse. An outdoor picture will take place at 1:00. Teachers will be handing out yellow t-shirts to all students to wear. Staff and parents are asked to wear navy blue. If you’d like to be in this photo, we would love to have you!! Please join us if you can!

Wednesday May 9 A variety of activities are taking place all day.

Thursday May 10 Dress 80s! The Dance-A-Thon is going on all day. The kickoff will occur during the assembly taking place at 8:45-9:45. The Grade 5s will be going into the gym immediately following the afternoon recess to bust a move at from 2:10-2:45.

The MMH Birthday Gala is from 6:00-8:00pm. Come as a family to do some crafts, watch old cartoons, dance, and eat a cupcake! 

Sneak Peek at the Week in academics:

Language Arts:

The poetry we are exploring and writing is incredible! Students really enjoyed creating their ‘so much depends upon’ poem inspired by William Carlos Williams and also their ‘black out’ poetry. We will explore and write some more next week!

We will also be wrapping up our next Word Work lesson this week. Students will get their assignments back on Tuesday and can prepare for their assessment taking place on Thursday.


We tackled some of the toughest learning we will do in French this year when we took a look at adjectives and how to make them ‘agree’ with the nouns they are describing. A French adjective may change depending on two things: whether the noun is singular or plural (one or more items) AND whether the noun is feminine or masculine. Students understand these two things as: gender and number. After reviewing these concepts, we will introduce our final project for our animal unit later this week.


Students knocked my socks off with their Math test scores last week! Way to go, crew! Let’s keep the interest and enthusiasm rolling for our next unit where we will no longer focus on whole numbers, instead we turn our attention to parts of a whole or: Fractions and Decimals!

This week we will launch right into our new unit with a review of what we mean when we talk about equivalent fractions! (Think chocolate bars!)

Check out the lesson on Proper Fractions at

Math 5 Live

Scholars are encouraged to get a head-start on fractions concepts by clicking on Math Links at the top of this page and exploring the sites listed!

Try this one to brush up on equivalent fractions:

We will also learn how to compare and order fractions!

Social Studies:

This week in social studies we can look forward to further developing our understanding of the first Europeans to come to the Lowlands with continued study of the seigneurial system of land ownership. We will respond to the following inquiries:

What is the Seigneurial System of land ownership?

Who were les filles du roi?

Why was the Quebec Act passed?

What was the Underground Railroad?

How did the Great Migration change the Lowlands?


What is Grosse-Ile?

Planning ahead

The year-end field trip to Calgary is a go! Please be on the lookout for some details and the permission form coming home soon!