Sunday, May 20, 2018

Week of May 22-25


What a beautiful long weekend! I hope everyone had the opportunity to rest and recharge and are ready to take on the learning challenges of the upcoming weeks!

In the rear-view mirror

Rock Concert:

Youpi! Gregg LeRock was awesome! A special thanks to our district for the tickets, we had a blast!

Art Workshops:

Thank you to our guests: Emily, Jessica, and Mrs. Gillam who provided us with some instruction and practice in three artistic ways to express ourselves. This week we will choose a technique for our artistic representation of the poems we are writing.

This Week:

Wednesday is hot lunch!

Thursday is our spirit assembly, wear blue and yellow!

Sneak Peek at the Week:

Language Arts:

Our word work assessment will take place on Thursday. Students, please take some extra time to study your list of words as well as the first column of ‘Frequently Misspelled Words’ in preparation. Let’s ace this one!

Students will wrap up the poetry stations we started last week and write even more poetry this week in an effort to create something they are proud of and will want to showcase in the big upcoming event (more details coming soon!)


This week we will continue our final project for our animal unit! Students should be choosing their two favourite animals that they will be morphing into one (please bring pictures on Tuesday or email them to Ms. B. to print!) Students will be creating an image and description to demonstrate their learning in this unit (animal names, parts of the body, adjectives to describe and habitats.) Parents, be sure to ask your scholars about their ‘animaux etranges’.


Last week we began learning how to compare and order fractions. This week we will continue this learning and venture into relating fractions to decimals! (Think money!)  

Social Studies:

This week students will wrap up their study of the Great Lakes St Lawrence Lowlands Region and will have the opportunity to demonstrate their ability to recall, access and interpret information from this region in an open-book assessment on Thursday.

Planning ahead

A note about sleep for parents but mostly for students:

I remember the joyful days of playing outdoors in the evenings and I also remember how difficult it was to call my own children in to get ready for bedtime. “But it’s still light out!” They would say in sadness. I understand that many families will be having these same battles in the coming weeks and I want you to know that I support you in your struggles! We have a lot of important learning left to do and students are at their best and able to learn well when they get that fresh air and exercise, eat well and get enough sleep. Thank you for your efforts in this very important area!

Calgary Field Trip:

Thank you to all the families who have already sent in their permission forms and money for the June field trip to Calgary! These are due by June 1st.