Sunday, May 13, 2018

Week of May 14-18

Greetings and Happy Mother’s Day to all our moms! You should be told every day of the year how wonderful you all are. Thank you for everything you do to help your children grow to be successful young people!
In the rear-view mirror
Thank you to our school and school council for putting on a fabulous celebration of our school’s 30-year anniversary! The assembly was incredible, the opportunity to listen to a Blackfoot Elder and witness a mini Pow-Wow was amazing, the salute to the 80’s and Dance-A-Thon was great fun and the Gala was an evening of excitement and entertainment! On Friday, our class was treated to a presentation by a former teacher at Mike Mountain Horse, Ms. Merri-Ann Ford, who taught us all about the wonder of travel and exploration in our world, what a fantastic role model of lifelong learning! We had a wonderful time with all of the events!

This week:
On Tuesday our grade four and five students have the opportunity to attend a real live rock concertin French! We will be eating an early lunch at school and then will hop on a bus to take us to the concert (College Drive Church) beginning at 12:30pm. Gregg LeRock is awesome and we CAN’T wait to see him and sing along with him! Many thanks go to our district for the tickets and our grade level budgets for supplying the bussing!!

Sneak Peek at the Week:
Language Arts:
This week will see our students set up reading goals once again! We will be reading and logging our reading all of this week and, because the upcoming weekend is a long one, students will have an additional day to meet their goals! Students are encouraged to detail the book they are reading and how many pages read each day. Students, to prove you read the blog, write down on a piece of paper how you are going to make sure you meet your goal this week! Present your paper to Ms. B. Monday before O Canada! Good luck!
Students will also be spending time experimenting with and creating more poetry!

We tackled some of the toughest learning we will do in French this year when we took a look at adjectives and how to make them ‘agree’ with the nouns they are describing. A French adjective may change depending on two things: whether the noun is singular or plural (one or more items) AND whether the noun is feminine or masculine. Students understand these two things as: gender and number. After reviewing these concepts, we will take a look at animal habitats and then introduce our final project for this animal unit Students should be thinking about their two favourite animals for this project!
Last week students were introduced to equivalent fractions, after reviewing this week, we will continue to compare and order fractions and then we will see how fractions relate to decimals!
Try this link to brush up on equivalent fractions:

Social Studies:
This week in social studies we can look forward to responding to the following inquiries:
How did the Great Migration change the Lowlands?
What is Grosse-Ile?
What is the significance of Niagara Falls?
We may also ‘travel’ to Niagara Falls!

Wellness Education:
Our focus this week in Health is boundaries! Students will talk about how to establish and maintain boundaries in relationships. During this lesson we will spend time discussing examples of both respecting and breaking boundaries.
Wow! Our students are in for another treat this Friday when we participate in three different art-based workshops! As part of our PBL unit, our students will practice three modes of art and then choose how they wish to portray the poetry they are writing!
Planning ahead
Our grade five teachers will be bringing all the fives together for a meeting on Monday morning. During that meeting, teachers will be celebrating the growth they’ve witnessed this year and making plans for the final weeks of Grade 5. Of course, this ‘home stretch’ involves our big year-end trip to Calgary! Teachers will reveal details of the trip and remind students of expectations. We will also be sending home a permission form that must be signed and returned to school as soon as possible. In addition, families may pay for the trip using Schools Cash Online on or before June 1st. If payment presents great challenges for your family, please contact me as soon as possible. Thanks!