Thursday, April 5, 2018

Week of April 9-13

Welcome back! I hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful Spring Break, is well-rested, and ready to roll through our final months of grade five! Before the break there was a little EASTER MAGIC happening in our class; I can’t wait to see how this looks once we are back!

I would like to extend a special thank you to the following people who contributed to great snacking on the last day before the break: Hayden, Trevor, Roxana, William, and Berkley. It was all delicious!

Although short (there’s no school on Monday, April 9th), our week promises to be learning and fun-filled with exciting events like setting new reading goals and starting a new writing unit in Language Arts, an introduction to ‘les animaux’ in French, the beginning of our patterning unit in Math, embarking on a trip to a new region in Social Studies, and launching into our project based learning unit on Friday!

Sneak Peek at the Week:

Language Arts:
Our Readers' Theatre performances were a huge success before the break! See the pictures posted on this blog (to the right)!

Students were encouraged to read wildly over the break and we plan to follow up on Tuesday by setting a new reading goal for the week. Students will be given the chance to read in class and then share about their reading in a ‘tea party’ style (conversations about our reading around the room). Students should aim to share a ‘tasty bit’ and will also have the chance to talk about the characters, setting, and plot of their novels. (Students, this round will be centered on novels, perhaps we could do another round featuring non-fiction at another time?)

We also plan to begin another writing unit of study focusing on opinions!


We will take Tuesday’s class to do a final review of long division including one-on-one tutoring sessions in an effort to successfully demonstrate our understanding. Some students have mastered this practice and will serve as tutors to those who are striving to master long division.

Keep those detective skills sharp, grade 5, this week marks the beginning of our 'Patterns and Relations' unit of study! As we will soon find out, there are many different kinds of patterns which we will be thinking of as mysteries to solve!

See how many of the following mysteries you can solve (what comes next?):

2, 4, 6, 8...

3, 2, 1, 3, 2...

4, 6, 5, 7, 6...

and here’s a bonus challenge for you (don't worry, this type of mystery will not be part of our unit):

O, T, T, F, F, S, S...

(If you figure this one out, write it on a piece of paper and include the next two terms to show you know your answer is correct and give it to Ms. B. on Tuesday morning. Good luck!)

This week we will be focusing on patterns and pattern rules as we look to become familiar with what a pattern is, what constitutes a pattern, as well as how to write a pattern rule.

Scholars are also encouraged to check out the following supporting links:
Missing Numbers (Identify numbers missing from a sequence)


Our learning about ‘les animaux’ (animals) begins this week with some new vocabulary, a game, and a very catchy song: Bravo, Les Animaux! Be prepared to have a new song stuck in your head!

and if that song isnt enough, we will celebrate musique mardi by reviewing more tunes by Gregg LeRock, a French performer we will have the opportunity to see in concert next month! Youpi!
Check out his website here:

Social Studies:

We can’t wait to make our next stop in the Great Lakes, St. Lawrence Lowlands Region! Before we get to a scavenger hunt though, we have some mapping skills to develop! Here’s a student challenge to get the brain in gear: what’s the difference between latitude and longitude? (To prove you read until the end of the blog, bring Ms. B. a note with these explained and we will celebrate with fresh breath!)

Let’s have an awesome first week back!