Saturday, April 28, 2018

Week of April 30-May 4


Though I love to recognize the present moment, it is during this part of our year when we begin to look toward the end of the school year and the beginning of next. This is a significant time of transition in the lives of our grade five students and we want to do all we can to help them step along smoothly.

~Last week was a very exciting time for our students with their orientation visit to G. S. Lakie Middle School. Students had a great time touring the school, checking out options, meeting staff members and talking with ‘expert grade six students’!

*Option forms will be available sometime in the next couple of weeks, and parents may wish to attend the upcoming Parent Orientation Evening at G.S. Lakie (date to be announced).

~Our students will be learning about human growth and development this week. As the note detailed, the lessons will be on Monday and Wednesday afternoons. Parents, this is a great time to open a conversation about your scholar’s learning!


Sneak Peek at this Week:

Language Arts:

Students will be moving onto their next Word Work lesson this week. As always, the assignment is due on Thursday. For the quiz next week, we will focus on column 3b of the Frequently Misspelled Words.

We will be looking for tasty bits in our reading and continuing our focus on poetry!

Poetry is plucking at the heartstrings and making music with them.

-Dennis Gabor

Explore the following sites to get a taste of our next focus in Language Arts!


We are finishing our Patterning unit this week with a review of the review and then the unit assessment will take place on Wednesday before we launch ourselves into the Fraction and Decimal unit!

Social Studies:

Students enjoyed learning how to use latitude and longitude coordinates to identify locations on maps last week, they even enjoyed a corny song to help them learn! This week we will explore how the First Nations lived off the land in the Great Lakes, St Lawrence Lowlands region and learn about the seigneurial system and les filles du roi!


We were introduced to some animal body parts and a very disturbing lullaby last week! This week we will focus on adjectives to describe animals and how to make French adjectives agree with their nouns as well as learning animal habitats!

the Gregg Le Rock concert is less than one month away!

Our Quilting Project:

The quilting project takes place this Friday! Thank you to those who have volunteered to help out, we look forward to seeing you on Friday at 8:30 (We will be working in the art room, you can get set up around 8:15.) If you haven’t returned the form but are interested in helping, please email me!

Have a wonderful week!
Please note: there is no school for students on Monday, May 7th because of a professional learning day for staff.

*Check out the picture of our dreamcatchers below!