Friday, April 20, 2018

Week of April 23-27


Our week promises to be another busy one full of learning and great fun!

Orientation: G. S. Lakie:

On Wednesday, we will be walking over to G.S. Lakie for our orientation to grade six. Students will have the opportunity to tour the school, try out locks for lockers, meet people who work and go to GS Lakie, ask questions and learn a little about options they may take next year. This event is only for students; parents will receive a separate invitation for an orientation on an evening in May. Good walking shoes and weather-appropriate clothing would be very wise for this day!


Sneak Peek at this Week:

Language Arts:

Students will be receiving their Word Work assignments back and will be preparing for the assessment that will be taking place on Thursday.

This week will also see our students engage in some poetry study! We will be enjoying the weather on Tuesday afternoon with an outdoor poetry perusal! Students are welcome to bring blankets to put down on the grass while they peruse poetry!


Students will continue working on patterning this week by using variables to write equations and then solve equations using all four operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. They may also have the opportunity to create and solve word problems based on equations that include variables! Next week we will wrap up this unit with a review and assessment.

Social Studies:

Wow! Our week flew by last week and with an extra long assembly on Thursday, our study of latitude and longitude did not happen! This week students will practice map reading including how to use a legend and scale, as well as latitude and longitude coordinates! A quiz on Wednesday will allow students to demonstrate their knowledge, skills, and understanding of these concepts.


We will be introduced to farm animals, some animal body parts and a very disturbing lullaby this week!

Wellness Education:

Our focus in wellness education this week is what makes us strong. Students will understand that being strong also refers to knowledge, not just physical strength, and that anyone, no matter their physical strength can be strong.

Have a wonderful week!