Friday, April 13, 2018

Week of April 16-20


We have another exciting week on the way! On Tuesday we will have a presentation on sun safety, and Thursday is Western Day! Dress in your western duds! Our spirit assembly will be at 12:45.

Last week saw the launch of our Project Based Learning unit focussing on dreams! Students participated in a ‘conference’ with four learning sessions, and then reflected on some key questions afterward. This week students can look forward to a small drawing project and another presentation from a neuroscience specialist!


Sneak Peek at this Week:

Language Arts:

Students have been logging their reading and are determined to reach their reading goals for Tuesday. In fact, many had informed Ms. B. that they had already met their reading goal on Friday! For those students, I can’t wait to see how far they blow their goal out of the water! Way to go, readers!
Students will be moving onto their next Word Work lesson this week. As always, the assignment is due on Thursday. For the quiz next week, we will focus on column 3a of the Frequently Misspelled Words.

We will also continue working on the ‘opinion writing’ we started last week!


Students will continue working on patterning this week by using variables to write equations and then solve equations using all four operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. This is an excellent introduction to algebra!

Social Studies:

Students will set out on a scavenger hunt through the Great Lakes and St Lawrence Lowlands region this week before learning how to use latitude and longitude coordinates to identify locations on maps!


We will go on safari this week to learn the names of many different animals! We will also have ‘musique mercredi’ instead of on ‘mardi’ because Ms. B. is away until Wednesday. After learning many more animals, students can look forward to learning the parts of the body and animal habitats in the coming weeks as well!


Have a wonderful week!