Saturday, March 3, 2018

Week of March 5-9

Greetings all!


Last week we gathered all the grade five classes together to celebrate our growth since the beginning of the year. We also reviewed expectations our grade five teaching team have for students now that we are beyond the half-way mark of the year. It is our hope that all students will be able to participate in all the great events and activities we are planning through the remainder of the year, however, there have been some exceptions in the past. We are very clear with students: they must teach us that they are able to make great choices and handle the increased responsibility of being a student in grade five. If we can’t trust students at school, we certainly won’t be taking them on field trips off the school grounds. One such opportunity is our upcoming curling lessons later this month. A form should have come home detailing these great adventures and asking for parent drivers and the $5 fee which can be paid using School Cash Online before Friday, March 9th (thank you parent council for cutting our cost in half!) Thank you to the parents who have already volunteered to drive and/or help! We almost have enough drivers, we only need one more for all days except Thursday the 15th when we need two or three more! Please let me know if you are able to help us out! Thanks!

Sneak Peek at the Week:

Language Arts:

Along with wrapping up our third word work lesson, we will be continuing our whole-group novel study: Underground to Canada!

Students will also have the opportunity to share their reading goals and whether or not they met them this week! Read on, Grade 5!


This week will see the review and wrap up of all our multiplication strategies. Students can prepare for an assessment (taking place on Thursday) simply by revisiting and practising all the strategies learned in the last few weeks as we’ll be doing in class.


*annexing, then adding the zeroes

*halving and doubling

*applying the distributive property

*area models (with and without hundred grids)

*partial products: expanded notation using the grid/table method

*Napier’s Bones

Social Studies:

Our study of the Canadian Shield region continues with our scavenger hunts! We may also begin taking a look at history through examination of some political cartoons! Scholars, bring along your greatest detective skills!


Ah! Les gouters-sains! We are having a grand time learning names of fruits and vegetables as well as many other snacks. ‘Le sac mystere’ has been a great hit once again in helping us work on expanding and remembering our vocabulary! All of these nouns for food (especially fruit) and verbs we’ve been learning, are getting us set for a special creation next week!

Report Cards, Celebration of Learning and Parent-Student-Teacher Conferences:

*Report cards will be going home on Tuesday, March 13th.

*Parents, you should have received (or will soon receive) our school newsletter by email which includes information about our annual ‘Celebration of Learning’ evening coming up on March 15th. This is a great opportunity to have your scholar lead you through some learning and activities we have been working on in grade five. Unfortunately, you will not have the opportunity to book a time slot to come into the classroom this year, so I’m proposing the following general guideline (though I understand if the time doesn’t work for you, just come in another slot):

5:30-6: Last names A-F

6-6:30: Last names G-M

6:30-7: Last names N-Z

*We have been working very hard in grade five and I am incredibly proud of this group of young souls and the exceptional growth I'm witnessing! I do not need to meet with every family at this time. I’ve sent home a hardcopy note requesting conferences with some students and families so that we may celebrate successes and set goals for the final term together. Parents may also request to meet during these times if desired. You may book times on the morning of Friday the 16th through the school website. Thanks!

Enjoy your week!