Friday, February 9, 2018

Week of February 12-16


Well! We managed to make it through all those indoor recesses last week and even braved the cold in our ‘Winter Walk’ (see picture to the right). This week is a busy one as we lead up to Family Day/Reading Week!

Our week begins with a lesson about internet safety with Constable Sander on Monday. After celebrating Valentine’s Day Wednesday, we have a spirit assembly on Thursday. It’s ‘Team Jersey’ day, wear a shirt or jersey of your favourite team! We wrap up our week with our ‘festival du voyageur’ celebration (see below). It’s going to be another fun-filled week of great learning!

Sneak Peek at the Week:

Language Arts:

Our second word work assignment will be returned to students this week and corrections will be done on Tuesday. We will have a chance to start studying these words in preparation for the assessment on Thursday (also be sure to study the second half of Frequently Misspelled Words Column 1!)

Our novel study started off in grand style last week. Students were fully engaged in the story and already find themselves invested in the characters. Parents, if your student hasn’t mentioned anything about the novel, please probe them with questionsit’s great reading comprehension practice! This week we will read a few more chapters and will do a second comprehension check.

All week long we will be learning about the life of ‘les voyageurs’. This unit of study combines both French and Social Studies curriculum concepts beautifully! On Friday we will celebrate the life of a voyageur, taking on activities much like they do at the winter celebration by this name in St. Boniface, Manitoba! We will be creating ice sculptures (students can begin freezing water-and coloring it with food coloring if desired-in containers such as ice cream pails and cups or ice cube trayswe will talk about it this week), doing a little jigging (French Canadian dancing), playing the spoons, portaging, doing some physical challenges and eating French-Canadian pea soup, bien sur (of course)! Students are encouraged to wear plaid/lumberjack shirts, toques (perhaps ‘une barbe’) and to tie a scarf around their waist like a ceinture fleche (sash). It would be wise to dress for the weather as some of the activities will take place outside, but most importantly: come ready for some great learning fun!


More strategies are on the way now that we are on to 2-digit by 2-digit multiplying! This week we will learn how to draw area models that illustrate multiplication on hundred grids. We will continue with this focus and then we will be ready to tackle expanded notation!

Parents: thank you again, for allowing your young student-teacher to lead you through these strategies. It is our goal to know each strategy well enough to be able to teach it, though we recognize that not every strategy appeals to each mathematicianthats why we are learning many!

Social Studies:

We’ve arrived in the Canadian Shield and will be ready to take on a couple of scavenger hunts through the region after the break. I can’t wait to see what we ‘dig up’ in this region, I’m especially excited about learning more about the fur trade and the role of the ‘coureurs de bois’ and ‘les voyageurs’!

Students may wish to visit a couple clips about this region:

The Canadian Shield in pictures

The Canadian Shield: student video project


We are celebrating Valentine's Day on Wednesday afternoon. I would like to encourage students to include every member of our classroom community when they are preparing their valentines, it is for this reason that we sent a class list home last week:). All valentines can stay in the students’ backpacks until the party after the afternoon recess.

Students will have time in art class on Tuesday to decorate a special paper bag for their valentines. I will make paper of different colors available, but if students have other decorations in mind, I invite them to bring them to school for that class!

A special thank you to the following people who have volunteered to bring snacks for our celebration:

Cheese and Crackers: Aiden

Vegetables and Dip: Brynley

Fruit Platter: Parker G.

Cookies or Cupcakes: Macgregor

Juice and Napkins: Brett

Something to look forward to:

Next week is Family Day and the break. Students will return to school on February 26th. On that day, students will learn all about their upcoming curling lessons taking place in March. Parents, it is our hope that you will be able to help us out by volunteering on ice or by transporting us to and from the rink (ATB Centre) for one of our lessons (mornings of March 13, 15, 21, and 23)

I wish you a week full of kindness, smiles, and warm hearts!