Friday, January 19, 2018

Week of January 22-26


Sneak Peek at the Week:

Language Arts:

This is a big week because we will be kicking off our Word Power (or what we would recognize as spelling). Students will be placed in groups according to their spelling level and will be monitored as they move through the lessons to see if their group best suits their abilities. Students will be introduced to the program and how it will work and get started in their groups this week. Parents, please look for a letter coming home that will explain ‘Operation Word Work’. The first lesson assignment is due this Thursday (no exceptions), and the quiz will take place next Thursday.

We also plan to finish our fiction stories and begin some reading exploring the topic of ‘Civil Rights’.


Learning how to tell time in French will wrap up on Monday with a quick quiz. In order to prepare, students are encouraged to practice counting by 5’s in French (cinq, dix, quinze, vingt, vingt-cinq, trente, trente-cinq, quarante, quarante-cinq, cinquante, cinquante-cinq), it would also be wise to review terms such as: et quart, et demie, moins le quart, etc.

Our next focus will be on spaces/rooms in the school! Check out Lucie’s first day at her new school:


Students have been doing well working on their multiplication facts and I encourage them to continue spending time with these! It is obvious which students have been putting in extra effort. There is steady improvement and according to my records, a whopping10 students achieved their personal best on Friday! Way to go, crew! I’ve had a couple of students ask for worksheets and I promised to send along the following link where you can generate your own in preparation for our next multiplication mania challenge on Friday:

We will be putting these multiplication skills to work this week with more complex multiplication challenges right after we prove we can handle more complex addition and subtraction!

Social Studies:

Our ‘What’s Happening Wednesday’ presentations were kicked off in grand style last week and got our class thinking and discussing current events and related issues. We look forward to many more over the coming weeks!

We are very fortunate to have Ms. Mandy Plain Eagle, our First Nations, Metis and Inuit Liaison, join us this week to help us learn more about our First Nations and the history of Canada through a ‘Blanket Exercise’.

We will be studying one of my favorite poems written about the north this week and taking another trip to the Arctic to wrap up this unit! Bundle up!

Planning ahead

Wednesday is Hot Lunch day!

Thursday is ‘Backwards Day’! Students are encouraged to consider what they could do backwards (while being safe, of course) on this day. Challenge to scholars: to prove you read the blog, start a list of palindromes (I wonder how you could find out what those are) and present the list to Ms. B. on Monday morning before O Canada! Let's show our MMH Spirit for our Spirit Assembly which is set to begin at 10:20 in our gymnasium.
Thursday is ULTIMATE LUNCH day! Students have been studying healthy eating habits and have learned how to read food labels. Students are invited to plan, help shop for, pack, and bring their 'Ultimate Lunch' on Thursday of this week!

OUR YEAR-END TRIP TO CALGARY IS A GO! With 98% of families in support, I’m pleased to report that our grade five teaching team is going ahead with the planning of this trip. It is scheduled for June 20th. We will be sending out more information (including cost and volunteer requests) after Easter.


Last year I had the opportunity to attend a workshop on ‘mindfulness’. Simply put, mindfulness means ‘paying attention on purpose, in the present moment with qualities like compassion, curiosity and acceptance’ (Shamash Aladina). The world around us is becoming increasingly busy and our thinking is often interrupted by this busy-ness in one form or another (i.e. technology). The concern is that people young and old are less able to hold their attention for extended periods of time and often go about living on auto-pilot without being completely aware of their thoughts or the things that are happening around them. One video clip I found particularly interesting and worth passing along is linked below. If you have about 3 minutes, please check it out!

What the internet is doing to our brains: (strong title, but great message):

Let’s have a terrific week!