Sunday, December 3, 2017

Week of December 4-8

Welcome to December!

We started stitching our stockings last week! Thank you to William’s mom, Maxwell’s mom, Ava’s mom, Trevor’s mom, Berkley’s mom, and Aiden’s grandma for coming and helping us on Friday! We couldn’t do it without you! Please join us again if you can this Friday! (Please note: our sewing time will be from 8:30-10 as a result of a scheduled Christmas concert practice immediately after recess.)

Sneak Peek at the Week:

Students, on Monday you will learn about honouring our 'Christmas Presence'. This is a small project that gives greater value to the gifts we already possess (that which makes us who we are) than to all the things we might want to receive for Christmas. It is something that will be requested at school on or before next Monday, the 11th! This is a firm due date as we will begin opening next week!

Once again, this week will be an exciting one with two interesting presentations to enhance our learning! On Wednesday, we will enjoy a school-wide presentation from Ian Porteous who promotes cultural appreciation, and on Thursday, Earth Rangers will visit!

*Next Tuesday evening is our MMH Christmas Concert! Students have already brought home information about the evening. I hope to see you all there!

Language Arts:

Students will be introduced to one of my favourite authors this week: Chris Van Allsburg. We will be learning about figurative language and exploring many of his works over these few weeks leading up to Christmas.

We will also be doing a special writing project using The Polar Express. If your family owns a copy of this book and is willing to lend it for our use over the next couple weeks, we would love to have as many copies as possible. Please send it to school any time this week (with your name on it) and we will return it to you as soon as we are finished next week. Thanks!

Our study of Chris Van Allsburg will culminate in some fun-thinker activities to celebrate his work and then we will be viewing one of his movies on the last day of classes before Christmas (see below).


Students demonstrated a solid understanding of Whole Number concepts in the Unit test last week. This week, in addition to reviewing their performances, we will launch our next unit: Geometry!

In order to begin studying 2-D shapes and 3-D objects, students must be familiar with a lot of tricky vocabulary (horizontal, vertical, parallel, intersecting, and perpendicular lines, opposite and adjacent sides, right angles and congruent shapes as well as specific shapes including: square, rhombus, trapezoid, parallelogram, rectangle and kite). As a result, students will work in pairs to prepare and present a term to the class this week. After a review of shapes and their attributes, we will focus on sorting shapes according to their attributes, look at symmetry and then hope to leap into 3-D objects right before Christmas!

Try out these sites:

Social Studies:

We have wrapped up our visit to the Atlantic Region and will be preparing for an assessment taking place on Thursday of this week! (Students, to prove you have read the blog, please present Ms. B. with a note before O Canada on Monday morning detailing when our SS test is be!) Our next stop? Brrr! Bundle up, it’s the Arctic Region!


This week we will do a little ‘mathematiques en francais’ before learning how to tell time in French! Soon we will be turning our attention to the Christmas season learning some vocabulaire de noel (Christmas vocabulary) in order to allow us to do some fun activities for Christmas!

 Looking Ahead:

*We are looking forward to going swimming on the afternoon of Thursday December 21st! A request for drivers will be sent home on Monday. Drivers are not required to stay during the swimming, but are welcome to if they choose!

*On Friday December 22nd, we will be wearing our pajamas and viewing a movie that is based on one of Chris Van Allsburg’s books: The Polar Express OR Jumanji. A permission form will go home this week. Please send back your signed form as soon as possible!

Christmas Party Snack Reminder:

Thanks to those who have offered to bring snacks on the morning of Friday December 22nd:

Muffins: Anabelle and Trevor

Fruit Platters: Brynley and Parker G.

Goodies: Maxwell

Juice and Napkins: Taylor

Have a wonderful week!