Sunday, November 12, 2017

Welcome back! I hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend and are ready to get back at it! I wonder if any students ‘got lost’ in a book this weekend (wink, wink, nudge, nudge)

Wednesday is Rock Your Mocs Day! If you have mocassins or slippers you can wear, please rock them on this day!

Report Cards are coming home next Monday, November 20th!

***A note about Parent-Student-Teacher Conferences:

If you haven’t already signed up for a conference time, please go to our school website and do so!

I am looking forward to meeting with each student and his/her family to celebrate progress and set goals during our conference time. I would like parents to consider the option of setting up an appointment time for after school on Tuesday (November 21 between 3:30 and 5) because there are limited times available on Thursday and Friday. Please email me with a preferred time if you would be willing to come in then. Thanks!

Sneak Peek at the Week:

Language Arts:

Students have been working hard to master their Frequently Misspelled Words lists! This week our focus will be column 2b and our test will be on Thursday. Studying is required and is paying off for those who are doing itGood luck!

We will also be taking a last look at our personal narratives and creating titles and covers for our stories before looking toward fiction stories next week!

The Lethbridge Public Library Storytellers will visit on Thursday!


Qu’est-ce qu’il y a dans mon sac a dos?

This week we will review school items and do a 1-minute presentation on Wednesday to demonstrate our knowledge. We will then look to expand our vocabulary of school items!

Social Studies:

We are taking a trip to Newfoundland this week to see where the Vikings first landed. We will be introduced to Breezy the Beaver (please find someone you know who lives somewhere in Canadanot Lethbridgethat you think would be willing to participate in a postcard exchange; we will need their complete address. Watch for a form coming home on Wednesday.) On Thursday we will learn how to go on a scavenger hunt through a region!


Last week we were introduced to estimation skills using front-end rounding, compatible numbers and compensation to estimate sums and stumbled with it a little, so this we we will review:

Using front end rounding:

5 203 + 2 173 is about 5 000 + 2 000= 7 000.

Using compatible numbers to estimate 3 821 + 1 973: (make it easy, round one or both numbers so that they are easy to work with and you can add them easily)

3 821 is close to 3 800, and 1 973 is close to 2 000, so 3 800 + 2 000 = 5 800.

Compensation involves rounding one number up and the next number down:

2 367 + 4 398

We would round the first number to 2 000 and the second to 5 000 for a sum of 7 000.

Estimating/Rounding often presents quite a challenge for grade five students. This week we will be learning a little jingle for rounding numbers that I’ve found helps many:

Circle the number, then look next door,

Five or greater, add one more!

Numbers to the left stay the same,

Numbers to the right, zero's your name!

As we continue with estimating sums and differences this month, our 'key learnings' will include:

*In some number calculations an estimate is sufficient, but in others, an exact number is required.
*Benchmarks can be used to estimate numbers.
*Many strategies can be used to estimate differences.
*It is wise to use estimation to check the reasonableness of answers to addition and subtraction problems.

Christmas Art Project: Hand Sewn Stockings

One of my favourite art activities of the year is just around the corner: we are hand-sewing our own Christmas stockings! I will be introducing the project in class next week, and will ask each student to bring in 4 pieces of soft felt (not starched or with a sticky side) by November 20th if possible (available at Michael’s or Walmart and maybe the dollar store). I believe the pieces measure slightly larger than a letter-sized piece of paper (8.5x11 inches). The colors chosen should be Christmas colors, keeping in mind that:

*one piece will be the front of the stocking (a neutral color would be wise), *one will be the back

*and the other two pieces will be used for decorations.

(Studentsif you read this before school on Monday, write a special note on a piece of paper--telling how many pieces of felt you need--for Ms. B. and make sure you hand it to her first thing in the morning!)

Please watch for a note coming home this week asking for sewing/stitching volunteers (Fridays: December 1st, 8th, and 15th if needed) --one need not be an expert in order to come in and help out! We'd love for you to join us!

Have a wonderful week!