Saturday, October 28, 2017

Week of October 30-November 3

We are almost in November! Wow, the time is flying by!

Our Halloween celebration takes place on Tuesday!

Thanks to the following people for supplying our snacks!

Cheese and Crackers: Taryn

Vegetables and Dip: Asher

Fruit Platter: Lucian

Juice and Napkins: Parker H.

Cookies or Cupcakes: Macgregor

(*Please note that we have 26 students in our classroom.)

While this week is 5 days long, next week students are only in school Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Teachers are involved in district-wide professional learning on Thursday and Friday is a holiday in lieu of Remembrance Day.

Sneak Peek at the Next 2 Weeks:

Language Arts:

Students will continue focusing on the Frequently Misspelled Words lists this week and will focus on column 2a. It is important for students to take a few minutes each night to master these words (there are only 12 to study!) So far, not only have I been impressed with the effort students are putting forth, I’ve also noticed growth in their sentence-writing skills, yay! Once again, our test will be on Thursday. Good luck!

We will be taking some time to do some Remembrance Day reflection and writing this week.

Our writing focus this week will see us continue working to make our characters come to life with specific actions and exact words! We will also take a look at editing for spelling, punctuation etc. before getting ready to launch into some fiction writing! (Students have been waiting for this!)


In addition to playing LOTO with our Halloween vocabulary, students will be reviewing numbers 1-30 and playing le cercle magique.

Next week students will begin reviewing classroom items before extending that learning to many more items in the weeks to come!

Social Studies:

Our social scientists demonstrated some excellent inquiry skills last week when I told them that we would all be packing our bags and moving to Fumbo! (Don’t worry, it was just a way to gain perspective in order to develop more meaningful questions.) The questions students posed reflected exactly what we hope to learn about each region of Canada as we travel across our great country:

Location? Landforms/geographical features? Climate? Transportation? Cultural differences? Animals/Plant life? Natural resources/industries? Daily life? etc.

After examining which provinces and territories (political divisions) belong to which regions (physical divisions) of Canada, students are now ready to begin our in-depth exploration of Canada’s Atlantic Region first, just as the European explorers did many years ago!


I’m very proud of the level of commitment and hard work students put into our first unit of learning. They did extremely well on their unit test last week. It is my hope that the high levels of effort and interest continue as we move into the more challenging tasks we will face with whole numbers next!

Last week saw our very first Multiplication Mania (only multiplication). Students were able to get some ‘base-line data’ with their first assessment. Students are graphing their own results. We are challenging ourselves to improve our multiplication abilities by studying for 15 minutes each evening and shared several ways students are helping themselves get better: websites, flashcards, practicing songs and jingles with the multiples, focusing on trouble facts, having parents ask them questions, and playing other games. Understanding that effort now will pay off later (i.e. when we get to 3 and 2-digit multiplication in January) students are working to remove obstacles for themselves by mastering their multiplication facts. If students are practicing 15 minutes each night and not seeing an improvement, we will have to look for strategies that are more effective for them.

Wellness Education:

Students will wrap up their ‘Home Alone’ learning this week. It is my hope that students have taken some very important and practical information from these sessions that will help them stay safe while at home on their own.


One last thank-you to parents for taking the time to review and sign your child’s agenda every evening! This is an important study habit initiated by your child that helps our students demonstrate responsibility for their learning. Your initials indicate that you have seen the agenda and that your child has completed what is listed there. I appreciate your help from home encouraging students to keep their agendas neat and up to date!