Saturday, October 14, 2017

Week of October 16-19


I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday last week. We’d like to extend our gratitude to Mr and Mrs Hoekstra, Mrs. Hagel, Mrs. Ford, Mrs. Hubbard, Ms. Johansen, and Mrs. Teierle for taking time out of their schedules and driving us to the corn maze! It was a beautiful morning, our students were a-MAZE-ing and we had a wonderful time! I’m most excited because the excellent behaviour and manners on this field trip gets me thinking about other field trips to come!

Last week we started our HOME ALONE lessons. Constable Mark Sander came in and spoke to us about telephone safety and being in the house by ourselves. He helped us understand what we should do if the phone rings or if someone comes to the door. Thanks for taking time with us and sharing your safety tips, Constable Sander!

The Book Fair continues this week on Monday and Tuesday. Students will be given time during a recess if they bring money to spend.

Monday October 23rd is Picture Retake Day! If your scholar is needing to have retakes done, please have them notify Ms. Bourassa first thing in the morning!

**This week is another short week at school. Students will be dismissed at 11:35am on Thursday October 19th because the afternoon as well as Friday morning is the Professional Learning retreat for our staff.

Sneak Peek at the Week:


We are currently wrapping up our unit on Statistics and Probability. This week we will explore the language of probability, use spinners to compare likelihoods and then get set for a review before our test next week.

Language Arts:

This week marks the beginning of two exciting pieces of our literacy study: our Frequently Misspelled Words Study and our Narrative Writing Unit!

The Frequently Misspelled Words Study is made up of 6 mini-lessons taking place over 6 weeks where we will take a look at 12 tricky words each week! It is our expectation that students will take their first look at the words on Monday and then work with them that day in class and every evening in an effort to master them for Thursday’s quiz. During the quiz students will be asked to demonstrate their ability to spell six of those twelve words and then appropriately use one of the words in an interesting sentence. Most every student will need to commit some time nightly to these words.

Our Narrative Writing Unit will begin on Tuesday and will see students learning about writing and practicing writing every day!


We are wrapping up our French review with birthday information, weather and seasons this week before we learn new Halloween vocabulary next week!

Social Studies:

This week students will be engaged in activities studying the provinces, territories, capital cities, and major bodies of water of Canada as well as where they are located in preparation for a quiz on Wednesday. It is essential that students understand these basics about our great country before we begin our travels!


What are Zentangles?

According to, the Zentangle method is an easy-to-learn, relaxing, and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns. Almost anyone can use it to create beautiful images. It increases focus and creativity, provides artistic satisfaction along with an increased sense of personal well being.

You will need a black fine-tipped sharpie for Art class on Tuesday (most of you brought these on the first day of school), as we will be exploring how to do zentangles!


It promises to be another fantastic week of learning. Students, remember to take great care of your bodies; you need plenty of rest, good nutrition and lots of exercise to help fuel your learning!