Saturday, October 21, 2017

The learning will be great in week number 8!

Greetings and welcome to another wonderful week in Grade 5! I hope all students enjoyed a restful long weekend and are ready to take on some more great learning in week 8!

*Tuesday: Fundraiser Pickup Day: 3:15-8pm Room 21

*Wednesday is Hot Lunch day!

Sneak Peek at the Week:


This week will see the end of our Data Analysis and Probability unit. Our review will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday before the test on Friday.

Next week we will dive into our new unit: Whole Numbers. During this unit, it is expected that students will represent and describe whole numbers to 1 000 000.

More specific outcomes:

Students will

􀂾 Write a given numeral, using proper spacing without commas; e.g., 934 567.

􀂾 Describe the pattern of adjacent place positions moving from right to left (10 is 10 x 1, 100 is 10 x 10, 1 000 is 10 x 100, etc.).

􀂾 Describe the meaning of each digit in a given numeral; e.g., The 3 in 65 397 is in the 100 place, and therefore represents 300.

􀂾 Provide examples of large numbers used in print or electronic media.

􀂾 Express a given numeral in expanded notation; e.g., 45 321 = (4 × 10 000) + (5 × 1000) + (3 × 100) + (2 × 10) + (1 × 1) or 40 000 + 5000 + 300 + 20 + 1.

􀂾 Write the numeral represented by a given expanded notation. e.g., 400 + 30 + 1 = 431

Check out a few great links to reinforce these concepts:

Finding Place Values

Identifying Place Values

Practising Expanded Form

Language Arts:

Our spelling focus this week is on the Frequently Misspelled Words List #1b. I was very proud of the dedication students demonstrated with the first list; many students mastered the quiz last week, I’ll look forward to the same level of commitment to mastery this week!

Last week also saw the beginning of our writing unit! Students were challenged to create stories about something that has happened to them. We reviewed previous knowledge about stories in that they have a beginning, a middle and an end and involve a problem or trouble that develops, gets worse and then gets solved. We also discussed how stories have characters, a plot and setting (including place, time, and mood). We learned how to talk about the stories and sketch them out across the pages. In addition, we learned how to take an important part and rewrite it to make it stronger. We also learned how to write ‘twin sentences’ by thinking: What was it like when you did that? What did you do RIGHT after? What did you think? Feel? Say?

This week we will generate a new idea for a story and write it! We will also do a quick lesson on sketching characters!


This week we will be studying vocabulary associated with l'Halloween! We will review mnemonic devices (ways to help us remember) as we learn new words and then we will practise using our new vocabulary with a song and a game!

Here are a couple of links to games for practise:

Fun Vocabulary Games

Rags to Riches


Social Studies:

Wow! Students really studied for their Social Studies quiz and knocked my socks off! Understanding where Canada’s provinces and territories as well as the capital cities and major bodies of water are located will help with our Social Studies learning all year long!

This week we will become familiar with the features and layout of the textbook and will learn what makes a region! Stay tuned! There’s lots of great learning ahead!

*Next week's Halloween Fun:

Students are encouraged wear or bring their costume to school in the morning on Tuesday. There will be a few minutes over the lunch break when students could get changed, but please be aware that there are 200 students who use the grade 4 and 5 washrooms, so full preparation may not be a great idea for that short time period. The Hallowe’en parade will begin at 12:45. We will be discussing what makes a costume appropriate for our elementary school audience as well as items which may make a costume inappropriate. Students may NOT bring to school anything that represents a weapon or could be used as such. Students are also encouraged to save their 'extra scary' costume items (blood-filled masks etc.) for their trick or treating adventures outside of school time. We want to not only take care of our younger learning friends, but also set a fine example. It sounds like students are very busy planning and creating; we love that creativity; it is a beautiful thing!

Shortly after our Halloween Parade, we will do a drama circle and have our snack and then our grade five students will gather as Belinda Crowson from the Galt Museum (and recently elected city councillor) is joining us! An incredibly gifted storyteller, Belinda will be sharing with us some interesting and exciting stories about Lethbridge, some that just might have a haunting nature! (Do not worry, it is all great fun!)

Thank you to all those who signed up to bring snacks for that day:

Cheese and Crackers: Taryn

Vegetables and Dip: Asher

Fruit Platter: Lucian

Juice and Napkins: Parker H.

Cookies or Cupcakes: Macgregor

(*Please note that we have 26 students in our classroom.)