Sunday, September 24, 2017

Wow! We are reaching the end of September! Welcome to week four!

Wow, Grade 5 is a busy place to be!

In the Rearview Mirror

Lunch Helpers:

Great thanks and deep appreciation has been expressed by our grade one, two and three teachers for the assistance our class ‘monitoring teams’ gave their students last Wednesday during the lunch break. Students were seen interacting with and helping little friends with packaging and tidying, as well as reading to them once they had finished their own eating. Nicely done!

Crossings Branch Library Visit:

Thank you to Mr. Ford who joined us on our field learning experience to the Crossings Branch Library! Students, the bookmobile stops on Jerry Potts Blvd near our school every Monday between 2:30 and 4:30! The books you borrowed are now your responsibility to return! (If this is going to be a concern, please return your books to me at school and I will be sure to get them back so you don't have any fines to pay:).

Terry Fox Walk:

Thank you to everyone who brought in toonies for Terry and also a special thanks to Mrs. Hoekstra and Ms. Johansen for joining us on our Walk last week! 

Looking Ahead

Hot Lunch:

If you ordered hot lunch for this month, we will be having it on Wednesday! It’s from Boston Pizza! Special thanks to the fine ladies who organize this for our school, they do an amazing job!

Immunization Information Presentation:

On Thursday afternoon, Ms. Lisa Ober from Alberta Health Services will visit to deliver a presentation about the immunizations students will be receiving in grade five. The purpose of this presentation is to educate our students on the reasons why they will experience immunizations and to address anxieties that tend to surface around this topic. Our aim is to help our students manage their anxiety and approach this challenge with the greatest spirit possible!

Parents: IF you believe that your child would benefit from having their immunization done at the Health Unit, please let me know. Students understand that this is a decision that parents can make if anxiety is very high. Most students experience some anxiety but manage just fine here at school. Others may consider going to the Health Unit for the first time and then realize they are fine at school for the others. Whatever decision your family makes is one that will be respected.

Orange Shirt Day: Friday September 29th at MMH

In order to recognize the difficult memories associated with Residential Schools and celebrate that ‘Every Child Matters’, students and staff are invited to wear orange on Friday. We will learn a little more about the purpose of this day (and everyday) in class on Tuesday and will have the opportunity to design an orange shirt with positive messaging.

Sneak Peek at this Week:

Language Arts:

Our novel, Frindle, is a big hit! In our review of strong reading strategies, we've already practised predicting (both before we read and while reading), visualizing what is happening as we read (creating pictures in our minds), questioning (attending to details as we read by asking questions) and making connections (this reminds me of a time whenetc.) with our reading. This week we will review and practice summarizing what we are reading (Who? What? Where? When? Why? How?), focusing on the main idea (in ten words or less what happened?), making and checking predictions, and making judgements about our reading.

It is clear we have some great ‘word detectives’ in our classroom, as many students conquered the ‘Top 100 words’ last week! Spellers will receive their tests back on Monday so are able to identify their ‘problem words’ if they have any. The first re-test will take place this Thursday. Keep studying!


How’s the math facts study going at home? I have to say, I’ve been impressed with a few students who have been working at it a little bit (15 min?) each nightwe are beginning to notice some significant growth! 8 out of 21 students improved their scores over last week. Keep at it! Scholars will review focus on the 7, 8 and 9 times tables this week!

Students will begin exploring the attributes of double bar graphs this week and soon will be itching to create their own! This week will see students interpreting and constructing graphs and double bar graphs in preparation for creating their own next week!

Social Studies:

Our classes will continue exploring the geography of Canada in an effort to further our understanding of the political divisions of our great country (provincial and territorial borders, bodies of water, etc) as well as the provincial capitals. They will begin exploring in greater depth the map of Canada this week with provinces, territories, capital cities and major bodies of water. Understanding where these places are located will help in all the learning we will do about Canada this year! Parents can help their students at home by randomly asking questions such as: What is the capital city of New Brunswick? What province is Charlottetown in? Which provinces are west of Manitoba?

CG Kids Map of Canada Puzzle


Our review continues with les jours de la semaine, les mois de l’annee, et les couleurs. Please check out the fun links listed by clicking on the 'French Links' tab above!

Quick look beyond:

It is tradition for MMH grade five students to participate in a team-building activity by getting lost at the Lethbridge Corn Maze. Our trip is scheduled for Friday, October 6th. Information was sent home last week. Parents, thank you for sending the permission forms back to school, it looks like we are very close to having enough drivers/supervisors! Yay! It is going to be great fun!

Have a wonderful week!