Sunday, September 10, 2017

Woohoo! Week 2!

What an incredible first week of school! I feel very blessed as our classroom community seems to be a very kind and caring group of individuals who are all ready and eager to try their best and have fun learning!

I know I spent a lot of time resting over the weekend to get ready for week number two, I hope everyone else did too!

Meet the Staff Night:

On this Tuesday evening from 6-7pm, students and families are invited to attend our annual ‘Meet the Staff Night’. There is no formal presentation taking place, but this is a great opportunity for students to bring parents into the classroom and show them around. Parents are invited to explore and ask any questions they may have. The parent council and celebrations snack sign-up sheets will also be available!

*Families are invited to ‘Bring Your Own Picnic’ and gather on the playground to eat prior to the event (5-6pm).

Picture Day is Thursday! Please bring your best smile!

Sneak Peek at the Week:

Each week the blog will feature highlights of Language Arts, Math, Social Studies and French to give students a ‘sneak peek’ at the upcoming week.

Language Arts:

Aside from celebrating reading, this week we will focus on finding out where our students are in terms of reading comprehension and spelling abilities. This will help determine our direction in the coming weeks!

*Top 100 words: We will begin our year with mastering the spelling of the most commonly used words. The Reading Teachers Book of Lists claims that the first 25 words of this list make up about one-third of all printed material in English, and that these 100 make up about one-half of all written material. It is essential that students know how to spell these words; therefore a test will be given weekly for as long as is needed
 in an attempt to get as many students to master the words as soon as possible. Once a student scores 100%, he/she will not be required to retake the test and will have free time while others continue working toward mastering the words. Our first attempt will be on Thursday, September 21st (yes, ALL 100!)

A list will be coming home this week and can stay at home. As well, I've added the list (in two parts) to Spelling City. Check out the link below and search lists by teacher: Bourassa to find them!

First Field Trip!

Your student may have brought home an application form for a public library card if they do not already have one. If you are in favor, please fill out the form and return it to school on or before Wednesday so that your child can obtain his/her own card (no cost) to borrow items from the public library!

On the afternoon of Thursday, September 21st, our class will be taking our learning outside of the walls of MMH! We will be walking over to the Crossings Branch Library for a tour; we will learn about how the library is organized and what is available to use or borrow. In addition, we may borrow up to two books on that day (these will need to be returned independently, please keep in mind that the Bookmobile has traditionally stopped near our school every Monday afternoonnew schedule is not available).

**Parents: we would LOVE to have an extra supervisor or two join us on our walk to and from the library. If you are available and willing, please let Ms. B. know as soon as possible! Thanks J.


*I would like to applaud students for giving their best efforts to handwrite their work, keep it up! We plan to begin a more structured practise of our handwriting program next week.


Our focus this week is on the basic math facts: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We will practise and do a quick assessment for each of these skills to determine a base line. Students will be charting their own growth as we progress through the year.

*In addition to nightly reading (minimum of 15 minutes each night), it is my expectation that students are spending time reviewing basic math facts (minimum of 15 minutes each night) as well. Students may wish to check out the math sites available on this blog (click on Math tab above) in preparation (of course any other way of practising, i.e. flashcards, competition with parents and siblings, games etc is also great). As was discussed in class last week, if these facts are quick, we clear obstacles to learning new math concepts all year long! Parents, please be your child’s biggest cheerleader in their efforts to improve their facts and lend a hand if at all possible. Thanks!

*Facts Friday will begin on September 15th!

Social Studies:

Students will have the opportunity to explore and explain what they already know about our great country and will begin preparations for ‘travelling’ across our country with a map and passport! Students will also be encouraged to choose a favourite place in Canada for a one-minute presentation next week (details and expectations will be given in class).


Madame Bourassa is very curious about what students remember from last year, so after an introduction and discussion about why we learn a second language, we will review from grade four!

Family Discussion Topic: Why should we learn a second language?

BRAIN CHALLENGE: Check out the Logic Games under 'Quick Links' on the right side of this page for some fantastic and often frustrating fun!

BRAIN BREAK: The Brain is 78% water. It would be wise to keep the brain hydrated throughout the day by having water readily available. Students are encouraged to bring a clean, filled water bottle at the start of each day!

Have a terrific week!

Please feel free to contact me via email if you have any questions or concerns.